Pre-Test Lessons

Be ready to PASS

  • Are you ready to pass the driving test?
  • Take a pre-test lesson to refine your skills and be confident
  • Solve any driving issues before you take the test
  • Use the same car that you will use to take your test
  • Be calm & confident on the day

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Pre-Test Driving Lessons in Cork & Surrounding Areas

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To be well prepared for your driving test it is advisable do attend a short pre-test course. Usually this will be very near to the actual test date, in most cases the night before or even on the way to the test center. This ensures you calm your nerves and make the mistakes you might make before even meeting your examiner. In this short course the instructor will cover the special manoeuvres and will give advice and personal points of improvement, this will ensure you are ready for the actual driving test. 
Benefits of the pre-test:

  • Preparation
  • Covering the manoeuvres
  • Last points of improvements
  • Eliminate last minute bad habits
  • Enter with driving on the brain

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  • (021) 601 9252
  • Saint Patrick's Street, Cork, Ireland

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